Friday, September 28, 2012

All Night Long!

Nuit Blanche is happening this weekend, and you'll need a good meal to keep you going all night long.  So, forget the appetizer and dessert; you get three main courses.  Admittedly, the event is not bike friendly due to the crowds, so the aim of this menu/route is to avoid road closures, and hit restaurants that are open 24 hours.  Park your bike when possible, and enjoy the art by foot, because being reamed from behind by a bike while trying to appreciate art is the worst.

Suggested route:

Main 1: 
King Palace (820 Church Street)
An overwhelming selection of Indian and Pakistani dishes. Portion sizes are equally huge.  Just select whatever catches your eye.

Main 2: 
Xe Lua (254 Spadina Avenue, Second Floor)
A personal favourite of mine for Vietnamese cuisine. The BBQ meats on rice are good, the vermicelli is excellent, and you can't go wrong with the basic rice noodle soup, which is huge and value priced.

Main 3: 
The Lakeview (1132-1134 Dundast Street West)
Serving 24 hour breakfast, you can end your night or begin your morning whenever you please. Brunch also served 9 to 5.

The route is one that will allow you to hit the most densely packed exhibition areas of Nuit Blanche, but feel free to take detours to check out exhibitions off the beaten path.  Please note the road closures that I have marked in red on the map; closed to vehicular traffic means closed to bicycles, too.  

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