Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Poutine Penance

This Saturday, the final Sweet Ride of 2012: Poutine Edition will take place.  In the aftermath, cyclists may feel the need to abstain from food for a week.  No need to starve and feel weak on your bike; try the following menu/route to healthier eating and an easy, long ride.
Suggested route: http://goo.gl/maps/ojhWM

Appetizer: Cajun Alligator
The Fish House (7501 Woodbine Avenue)
Alligator is lower in fat and cholesterol than chicken.  It is worth the ride to Markham.

Main: Cheese Burger
Live Food Bar (264 Dupont Street)
The Cheese Burger does not actually contain cheese nor a beef burger, but it is a hot sandwich.  Live features raw, organic food, as well as gluten-free, and sugar-free options, notably gluten-free beer. 

Dessert: Dairy-free Ice Cream
Hibiscus Cafe (238 Augusta Avenue)
A vegan and gluten-free restaurant in the heart of Kensington Market with a reputation for great service.

The route from The Fish House to Live Food Bar involves travelling on a few large, suburban roads. I recommend walking your bikes, or if there are no pedestrians (not unusual in the suburbs), biking on the sidewalk.  Those who are intimidated by the first leg should note that the route is largely downhill, takes place in scenic parkland, and the route from the Live Food Bar to Hibiscus Cafe is super easy.

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