Friday, September 14, 2012

Sausage Party

A route for the men while their female friends are doing the September Toronto Girls' Cupcake Ride that will allow them to meet up at the Brick Works for the Red Bull Mini Drome.  While the women start with sweets, the men will enjoy three courses in reverse order.

Suggested route:

Dessert: Mancakes
For the Love of Cake (171 East Liberty Street, Unit 117)
Cupcakes for men featuring masculine ingredients like beer, whisky, and bacon. However, no one will judge you if you choose the Strawberry Shortcake.

Main: Sausage
WVRST (609 King Street West)
Modelled after a Munich beer hall, WVRST serves manly game meats like wild boar, elk and kangaroo.  The Duck Fat Fries are a must.

Appetizer: Nachos
Hair of the Dog (425 Church Street)
Located in the Toronto capital of manly love, Hair of the Dog purportedly prepares one of the best nachos in the city.

This is mainly a city route with a relaxing ride up the DVP after the final course.  The Mini Drome qualifiers begin at 2:00 pm, main event at 7:30 pm.  See a video of last year's competition here.  I was there and it was riveting. Hope there are more female competitors this year.

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