Friday, August 31, 2012

Seven Course Wheels

This was the inaugural event that my friend and I created to celebrate our birthdays last year.  We chose ease of travel over exclusivity of taste.  Hence, both foodies and seasoned cyclists may take issue with some of our choices.  I will try to provide more scenic routes and independent restaurants in the future.

Suggested route:

Bread basket
Brick Street Bakery (255 Logan Avenue)
A popular bakery in the east end.  Le Matin (5 Coady Avenue), which had not yet opened during our original ride, is providing stiff competition in the neighbourhood, nowadays.

Le Gourmand (152 Spadina Avenue)
Only a few of us actually had soup, because there were so many delicious choices at Le Gourmand. The fruit salad with yogurt and granola is a personal favourite.

Akram's Shoppe (191 Baldwin Street)
Homemade Middle Eastern food that is highly recommended on the internet.  Unfortunately, it proved so popular that we didn't manage to purchase any food.  There is a lot of choice in Kensington Market, so substitute at will.

Urban Herbivore (64 Oxford Street)
One of the best salads I have ever had. The second location at Eaton Centre had yet to open, at the time of our ride.

First Entrée: Buttermilk Fried Chicken with Cheddar Mashed Potatoes
Thompson Diner (550 Wellington Street West)
By the time we arrived at the Thompson Diner, then known as The Counter, we could barely fit in the ample booths, much less eat the Buttermilk Fried Chicken.  Nevertheless, the crispy chicken went down easy.  One friend had a salad instead, while another made the poor life choice of substituting with the Fat American: bacon and sausage stuffed pancakes topped with a fried egg.  Sadly, it appears that this challenge on a plate is no longer available in the Thompson Diner.

Second Entrée: Fish
Chippy's (893 Queen Street West)
The fish was good, but the chips were even better. Guests waved away the proffered entrée with their bloated fingers before pawing at the irresistible chips.

The Big Chill (566 College Street)
The original final destination was Dutch Dreams (78 Vaughn Road), our favourite, because they care enough about our health to stick fruit on top of generous mounds of ice cream.  But, having endured a summer storm, and finding it hard to move post-binge, we shortened the route, and settled for ice cream at The Big Chill instead.

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