Friday, August 31, 2012

Biking and munching

Biking and munching - two of my favourite past times.  I have been an avid attendee of the fabulous Toronto Girls' Cupcake Ride and the wonderful Sweet Ride co-organized by Biking Toronto, but didn't feel that eating at the beginning and end of a ride were sufficient.

So, my friends and I organized Seven Course Wheels (details in the next post). In spite of an impractical dress code and a rather short route that did not justify the avalanche of food, we all had a great time.

It seemed a shame that we couldn't share our route and menu with others. I fear leading a pack of strangers to unsuspecting restaurants. So, I will post my suggested itineraries and menus for other hungry cyclists of Toronto here at Prix Fixie.

Bon appetite and bon voyage!

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